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Window Reseal

When tackling the delamination of the front offside. There was a need to remove the window rubber to get full access. Opening the window to put the rubber back, the window fell out of its groove in the rail, luckily I was able to stop it from crashing onto the concrete floor below.

To refit the rubber: Clean the window and rubber. Refit the rubber securing with staples. Seal outside edge of the rubber. Refit the window and hardware.

State of the window
The outside edge of the window has silicone sealant around it, first job is to remove the silicone and clean the surface.

Removing silicone
Using a sharp blade and going slowly, as I did not want to damage the surface of the aluminium. Got most of it off.

Silicone remover 
Next applied silicone sealant remover all around the edge. It comes in a small tube that fits into a normal applicator gun.

Spread it out
Used a paint scraper to spread it out over the cured silicone on the edge.

Wait 30 minutes
After 30 minutes, using a paper towel, wiped the remover complete with any sealant from the surface. Then meths to clean up.

Stapling the rubber
The rubber was then refitted and stapled all around to hold in place. Stapled approximately every 60 or 70mm.

Sealing the edge
To seal/waterproof the outer edge of the rubber I used Seamseal, peeling back the edge and applying a bead.

Removing excess
Must have been a bit heavy applying the Seamseal on the bottom, removed any excess with a plastic scraper.

Cleaned the join between caravan and rubber with white spirit and a rag.

Refitting the window
To get the window back in, the last part of the rail had to come off to allow the window to slide back in the groove. Used a piece of wood to keep it away from the caravan side.

Little more sealant
Until I reseal this rail, added Seamseal to the original sealant to give some protection against any water ingress.

All back together
The rail screwed down, the window stop and end cap refitted.

Holding the window open
The plastic burgandy insert was refitted in the window rail, then the window propped open to aid with fitting the...

Refitting white plastic
...white plastic in the rubber, when removing I marked it with pencil to help with refitting.

Window hardware
The original screw holes helped to re-allign the strip. To insert; slid it in one side and used a screwdriver to pull back the rubber on the other.

Completed window
Once done, all hardware was refitted and the window checked for correct operation.



Materials required: Seamseal (Mastic or similar), Evostik Silicone Sealant Remover, Staple gun.



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