Bailey Pageant CD Loire

Window Stays-replacing

There are two broken stays one left and one right, while on holiday at Stanmore Hall, Bridgnorth, Shropshire I purchased a pair at Cosford for 22.55.

Window stay
The stays are on one window, the thumbwheel at the top has broken on them both.

Old & New
 The broken stays on the left, a new one on the right.

Window fixing
To remove, take out two screws on the window.

Prop window open
This is how I held the window open, to get at the screws in the top fixing (ducks were always hungry)

Top fixing
The top fixing.

Difference old & new
Problem, the fixing points on the old and new stays are different, I did not have time to exchange them.

Removing the lever
The solution: reuse the old catches on the new stays, this involved drilling (3mm) the tube to remove the catch on both old and new.

Rivet at the ready
Put the old catch in the new tube, ready for rivetting.

Push the rivet through, then squeeze. This is the left side stay.

Rivets used
The result- new top piece with the old catch, then did the same thing again for the right side stay.

Top fixing
Screw the top fixing.

Window fixing
Then the bottom, note the rubber/plastic gasket between window and catch. Careful not to overtighten.

One done
One done, did same on the other side.

Other side
Catch, showing the rivet detail.

Testing, they work well.

I thought this would be a ten minute job on a pleasant afternoon in February and became more involved because of the different attachment fittings of the catches. But the solution turned out okay, and then it took ten minutes to fit them.


Page Created 31st March 2008