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Watermaster Socket

Symptoms; Water pump (which was working properly) ran continuously. Light was illuminated on the control panel.

1st check, water in the aquaroll? Yes. Voltage okay on the panel? Yes. Adjusted the pressure switch-it had no effect.

Suspect an air leak into the system or water leak from it. Checked all pipework, it was all dry. Must be the wastemaster socket.

Back in April 2007 I purchased a new water pump (EP1312) and at the same time I purchased a watermaster service kit, I keep it in the caravan. After finding it...

Watermaster instructions
First thing to do, switch off the 12 volts to the pump and read the instructions.

Recommend removing the socket
I noted it said "we do recommend removing the socket from the van".

Wastemaster socket  
I decided to leave it on the caravan (I don't carry sealant).

Removing the screws
Four screws have to be removed.

Removing the inlet nipple  
Then the inlet nipple can be pulled away.

Behind the nipple  
I take it the white ring came off the white plunger behind it!

The service kit  
The contents of the Whalemaster service kit.

Bits to change first  
Marked are items to change, the 2 "O" rings on the inlet nipple and the non-return valve.

Non return valve  
The non-return valve (top right) is removed by pulling it out.

Using tweezers to install  
Replacing, I found a pair of tweezers helped to locate the new one.

Replaced diaphram  
The diaphram next, the new one was white in colour.

"O" ring to replace  
The "O" ring in the body of the socket was next.

Overview how it goes together  
Putting the inlet nipple back into the socket, this shows how it goes together. Now I know why they said to remove it from the caravan. The ring that goes on the diaphram wants to fall off through gravity. But I managed to do it.

Pressure switch locknut  
Now to set up the pressure switch. Remove the locknut.

Screw fully clockwise  
Turn the adjuster fully clockwise (when switched on will make the pump run contiuously).

Adjusting the pressure switch  
Turn the pump 12 volts on, open a tap to get a smooth flow, turn tap off and adjust the pressure switch until a click is heard. Turn a futher half turn and its done.

Checking correct operation  
Turned a tap on, pump light comes on. Turn the tap off, pump stops and the light goes out. I then did it with all the taps to check they all worked.



The cause of the pump running continuously was either a perished/broken diaphram, one of the "O" rings was not sealing properly or the non return valve was worn.

All these items where changed with the service kit.

Added note: If all the above (service kit items) are changed and the symptom still exists, it must be the pressure switch itself is unserviceable.

Cost of the Whalemaster service kit was about 5.


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