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Annual Service 2012

The service was carried out by a mobile caravan engineer, A1 Mobile Caravan Services, Warrington, Cheshire on the 14th February 2012.

 Below is the Schedule of work, the Water Ingress Report and the cost. 

Service schedule 2012 This is a list of jobs carried out on the annual service.
Water ingress report 2012 A/ Water Ingress Report (See below for an explanation)
The cost for the service 2012 B/ The cost of the service.


A/ The Water Ingress Report shows normal readings, except for a slightly higher reading over the off-side wheel arch. It could be from water ingress under the wheel arch, but I suspect it is condensation, there was a pan sat above the wheel arch 20 minutes before the service was carried out and I noticed some condensation on the outside around that area. I will keep an eye on it.

B/ The service was 155.00. The cost INCLUDED the one shot nuts needed for the Alko running gear.

Otherwise a clean bill of health for this year again saving some money on dealer prices.


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