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Annual Service 2010

The service was carried out at Widnes Caravans, Cheshire on the 3rd February 2010, below is the Schedule, the Water Ingress Report and the cost. 

Service schedule This is a list of  jobs carried out on the annual service.
Water ingress report 2010 A/ Water Ingress Report (See below for an explanation)
The cost for the service B/ The cost of the service and the unexpected expense for work on the gas pipes.


A/ The Water Ingress Report showed mostly normal readings exept for an area on the nearside above the door and window, this is around the awning rail, so moisture must be getting in either because the mastic has failed or past some screws. I knew I should have re-sealed the awning rail last year! Meant to, just did not do it. This illustrates the one reason for having an annual damp check with the service to highlight any remedial work that may be needed, before it gets too bad and NO, I did not ask them to quote me!

B/ Breaking down the costs; the service was 165.00. Parts at 31.85 were for the one shot nuts for the axle and a 5/16 gas valve. The labour for finding and repairing the slight gas leak found on the gas pressure check was 155.13. This was for labour of 4 1/4 hours (hard to find a slight leak). 

A valve and a union had a slight leak. This obviously needed doing as the caravan could be unsafe to use.


Leaking gas valve
This is the gas valve which was leaking slightly. They also said there was one or two unions were leaking (may not have heard properly as I was in shock with the bill!)

Pipe go to the oven
The pipe then goes up to the oven. I suspect it was this pipe moving that caused the leak with it bouncing around.

Close up of the valve  
Closer view of the unserviceable gas valve.

New gas valve
New gas valve in place.

Secured gas pipe  
The pipe is now secured from moving, being secured via clips to wooden blocks that have been screwed to the floor.

Close up  
Closer view of the securing point.


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