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Annual Service 2009

Service was carried out at Widnes Caravans, Cheshire in February 2009, below is the Water Ingress Report. 

Service schedule This is a list of  jobs carried out on the annual service.
Water ingress report 2009 Water Ingress Report (See below for an explanation)

This is the third service we have had done on Bailey94 and this is the first time there is nothing to report. The readings of 12 to 16 are normal and it is only when they head towards 20 or over, alarm bells start ringing and there is a need for further investigation.

Looks like all the work I have put into the caravan has paid off.


 Service sticker 2009  This sticker came with the service and I stuck it to the nearside of the fairing, so if we are stopped for checks or any other reason, it shows the caravan has been serviced this year.


I have the caravan serviced every year, the cost is just part of owning a caravan. And I feel it is well worth the expense.

Having the gas (pressure test) etc, electricity and brakes checked is enough for me and of course the damp check, so I know what to tackle next!

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