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Annual Service 2008

Service was carried out at Widnes Caravans, Cheshire in January 2008, below are the Schedule, the Water Ingress Report and the cost. 

Service schedule This is a list of  jobs carried out on the annual service.
Water ingress report 2008 Water Ingress Report (See below for an explanation)
The cost for the service The cost of the service. Everything was okay, apart from the water ingress report.

Firstly, I think I have to mention the weather conditions on the day and the previous ones leading upto it, we had a lot of rain and therefore it was very humid, so when I saw that a lot of the readings were around 15, I  was  not particulary worried. There are higher readings which caught my attention: but it's nothing too serious.

23% on the roof, this is the bathroom skylight and I decided to reseal it at the weekend and there were two drops of water on the inner frame when I removed it, no damp wood , so it must have only been a recent problem. (14% on the roof, was the new heki rooflight I fitted in the last year, good job!).

20% on the nearside door frame. With this I removed the old sealant down that edge and ran a bead of seamseal down it. I have previously resealed the top with Sikaflex 512 Caravan. I can see a future project; removing and resealing the door!

22%, 19% on the rear offside, on inspecting the rear grab handles they only had some silicone around them, I resealed them both with strip mastic.

With the other readings, I think it is just a matter of resealing all the rails, I'm going to be busy!

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