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Annual Service 2006

 Water ingress areas

The caravan was serviced by Barrons in Cheshire, September 2006, we wanted to know it was okay mechanically and structurally.

The diagram opposite shows the areas of the caravan that have higher than normal readings.

A couple of areas for concern;

High reading at the awning rail.

Slight damp at the side of the window (see Picture 1, below)

A lower reading at the door (see Picture 2, below)

The “Pimply” part is on the bathroom wall where the roof slopes down, feels like small pin holes, the size of a hand, is not damp though. (See Picture 3, below)

And the “Delam” is along the side from the front of the rear window forward, the wallboard bond has come away from the polystyrene. There has been a previous repair here, but apart from the delamination you wouldn’t know.

Everything else seems to be in good order.



 Side window

Picture 1. No sign of any damage from the

outside. Damp in a locker.

 Door bottom

Picture 2.  There are rusty screw heads at

bottom of the door.

 Pimply area

Picture 3. Not easy to see the "pimply"

area in the bathroom.


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