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Upgrading of the Waste Pipes in the Bathroom and Kitchen

The waste pipes from the bathroom sink and shower had deterioated, I decided to upgrade them to domestic style 32mm waste.

I also wanted to fit a trap in the kitchen sink, to stop any smells coming through the plug hole (especially in summer) and increase the slow flow rate from the sink.

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Original pipes
The state of the pipes before starting, duct tape did not help with these.



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Old sink pipes
The sink waste pipe goes through the floor to the rear of the caravan.


And after 
And after the upgrade.

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New sink trap 
New trap to stop those smells and improve the flow to the waste container.

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After I had done the above, I then decided to alter the pipework to have just one outlet on the off-side of the caravan.


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Two into...
The waste outlets before the upgrade.


Updated outlet
The new look.

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