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Extending and Fitting a TV Mast

Bailey94 has a Status 315 "saucer" aerial fitted to the roof, which has been re-sealed, it's okay in good signal areas. But elsewhere a more directional aerial is required. Having bought a Status 430 directional aerial, a multi-mast fixing kit and an extension pole, it was just a matter of installing it.

Fitting an extension to the mast to give more height I thought would be a simple matter.

Directional and omnidirectional aeriels
In high signal areas the "saucer" is fine, but in weaker signal areas a more directional aerial is required.

Multi-mast fitted to the caravan
The multi-mast can fit on the side of the caravan using the awning rail and the window rail. Here are the instructions.

Staus 430 aerial  
The directional aerial, this model has the added radio aerial.

Top of the multi-mast
The aerial is normally attached to the top of the pole, a self tapping screw through the hole provided.

Aerial and extension pole  
But I am going to attach the extension pole to the aerial and the hole at the top is too large and in the wrong place for attaching to the multi-mas

Extension pole  
The solution is to drill a new pilot hole. Take out the self tapping screw and put in the extension pole.

Pilot hole in the extension pole  
Then drill a new pilot hole.

Screw into the pole  
For the self tapping screw. Now the aerial with extension has to be made to fit on top of the multi-mast.

extension and multi-mast poles  
The problem is there will have to a new hole in the multi-mast, so that the extesion pole will fit. Here the position of the hole has been marked and spring clip removed.

Drilling the multi-mast  
After centre punching the position, a small hole is drilled in the pole.

Size of drill to use  
The size of hole to drill in the multi-mast is found by finding the size from the extension.

Inserting the spring clip  
After drilling the multi-mast, the spring clip is reinserted into the extension pole.

Joining the two poles  
Putting the two poles together, press the clip down while sliding...

Good job  
...until it clicks into place. The two poles are now secured.

Aerial in use  
In use.

Caravan aerial input  
The aerial cable is pushed into a socket which is on the caravan side.



I expected the poles would just "fit". Never expected to have to modify them.

It's a good job I'm handy!

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