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TV Shelf

The top of the TV shelf and edge were slightly damaged.

Used new ply to cover top (several coats of varnish) and iron on edging.

Also fitted a bracket, for added stability.


A cosmetic job, the top looked scruffy, used 3mm ply sourced at a local DIY store, cut it oversize for the top. Sanded the top thoroughly to provide a good key, used wood glue and a heavy weight to attach it. Then used a router with a flush trimming bit to make the top the same size. The edge is trimmed with iron on edging. The surface had three coats of polyurethane sanded between coats, making it very tough. Then added an extra bracket to give even more stability.

Cost: about 15 for the materials, did take a fair bit of time though.

Tv shelf
A piece of non-slip matting helps to keep the TV in place.


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