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Status Aerial

The Status aerial, located on the nearside looked like it had been sealed with silicone sealant, just a matter of time before it let the water in.

Position on the roof
Location of the TV aerial.

Silicone sealant
Looks like it is sealed with silicone.

Closer view
Screwed to the top of the van with 4 screws.

Not sealed
Came away easily with a rub of my finger, took out the screws.

Base removed
To reveal, not sealed properly. Cleaned the area, then drew around the base with a pencil.

Applied strip sealant
Applied 19mm strip sealant up to the line.

Screwed down
Screwed base down, put some Seamseal on the screw heads.

Tightening grub screws
Then 2 grub screws to secure the top.

Ok now
Don't have to worry about that any more.

The Status aerial, had indeed only been installed with silicone sealant and there were a couple of drops of water under it, the previous owner had done it as an upgrade. Good job I checked it, it was only a matter of time before it would become a problem area.

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