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Re-sealing a Side Rail

This rail didnít need doing yet, it is just a small one to get me started.

Side rail
Overview of the side rail.

Removing endcaps
Removed the end caps and the plastic insert.

Riveted on 
Didn't expect this! The rail is rivetted on, expected screws, there must be no wooden batten behind.

Drilling rivets
Used a large drill bit to take the head off the rivets. 

Removing rail
After removing the rivet heads, pulled one end and it just came away, easier than expected.

Pulling away
Does not seem to be a great deal on sealant behind the rail.

Sealant coverage
Not much sealant, but there is no damp in this area.

Remove rivets
Pulled out the rivets with a pair of pliers, which left holes in the skin.

Cleaned area
Area thoroughly cleaned with a rag and white spirit, when dry filled holes in the skin with Sikaflex 512 Caravan.

Strip sealant
After cleaning the rail used W4, 19mm strip mastic applied to the centre of the rail.

Tube sealant
Applied Sikaflex 512 Caravan to channels top and bottom, it's an adhesive/sealant so no need for screws.

Rail sealed
Used two end cap screws to locate and pressed into place, then more sealant top and bottom, finished with a finger.

Plastic insert
Removed end screws, then refitted with end caps and new trim, pre-drilled to aid fitting.

Other side
The end screws go into battens under the skin.

Looking good, now I know what's involved when I tackle the others.

 Note; To get a better finished result, I will use masking tape next time. (See: Re-sealing Fridge Vents)


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