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Our Setup 2006-2009

This is an older page now and was our setup from September 2006 to October 2009.

To pull the Bailey, with an MTPLM of 1155Kg we have a Honda Accord EX Diesel, weight 1552Kg. The engine pulls strongly. It has six gears, I use cruise control on the motorway at 60 mph, nice and relaxed.

 A towing match of 75%. Towing without a stabiliser was fine, after fitting an Alko 3004 hitch stabiliser just made it feel even better.

Awning is a sunncamp 260, it is easy to erect and at this size allows the use of the front nearside window.

Plenty of headroom and bright, the doors can be rolled back with flyscreens in place for through ventilation.

Blue box
We have a couple of these blue boxes to store the wheelclamp, etc in one and all the kitchen bits in another, stored under the van when on site.

Inner tent
This small tent erected in the awning is used for our daughter, who prefers not to be with her parents! Honestly you think we snored or something, lol.

When we purchased the Caravan it came with an Isabella Ambassador awning.

One weekend we put it up to make sure all the bits were there, only thing missing were a couple of rubber seals that go on top of the front poles.

I had previously fixed any pipes that needed new springs.

We were impressed by the size, it is approximately twice the size of the Sunncamp awning. More space for the pup tent and all the other essentials.


Hopefully in 2008, we will be able to put the Isabella awning up, (what a wet summer {2007}, seemed to rain every 4/5 days!)

Update: Used the Isabella awning twice, once in very strong winds, it did a sterling job. We even slept in it, you just can't get the campers out of us.

Before purchasing the tintop, we used to go camping.

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