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Re-Sealing Projects

Resealing rails, I suggest looking at Awning Rail- Nearside first, it is the latest and shows the techniques I use. The others show what was involved and issues that came up.

Awning Rail-Nearside
Awning Rail- Nearside.


Awning rail  
Awning Rail- Offside Removal.

Awning rail
Awning Rail- Offside Refitting

Rear rail  
Rear Window Rail

Re-sealing side rail
Side Rail.

Overview of the door  
Door Side

Fridge Vents
Fridge Vents.

Status Aerial  
Status Aerial

Grab handles  
Rear Grab Handles

Bathroom skylight  

Bathroom skylight

            Window rubber

 Window Rubber

Front window rail  

Front Window Rail

Caravan Rails- dealers' may do it differently, but for DIY I find it best to use a combination of W4 mastic in the centre of the rail and Sikaflex 512 Caravan on the sides. Sikaflex leaves a good surface that will not discolour and become dirty.


The pictures below show the results,

 Finished rail 01  Finished Rail 02  Finished Rail 03

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