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Rear Grab Handles- reseal

From the Water Ingress Report from January 2008, suspected the grab handles may have something to do with higher than normal readings and could do with resealing.

Overview of the rear of the caravan and the grab handles.

Handle detail
The handles are held onto the caravan with six screws.

Remove screws
Removed the screws with a cross-point screwdriver.

Handle removed
Screws removed, old silicone sealant was scraped off and wiped with white spirit.  I will redo with W4 strip mastic.

Stainless screws
The stainless steel screws used to hold on the handles. The actual handle had a thin smear of silicone sealant on the backside... a completely useless way of stopping water ingress!

Applying mastic1
The strip sealant was not wide enough to cover the base so I just used two pieces making sure they were sealed together where they touched.

Applying mastic2
Next step, trim the mastic with a pair of scissors.

Mastic applied
The mastic used, W4 available at any dealers.

Remove backing
 The backing removed from the mastic, almost ready for fitting.

Nail guides

To aid, placing the handle on the caravan (you only get one chance at this)used a couple of nails in two of the holes. I also put some Seamseal into the screw holes for good measure.

Positioned handle
Positioned the nails up with the holes, then pressed the handle into place.

Then refit the six screws, if needed trim the excess mastic.

Duct tape
After use, I seal the end of the sealant tube with a piece of duct tape. What would we do without it?




The handles definately needed resealing as there was only a thin smear of silicone under them, they are hollow and there was evidence of moisture in there.

The only place silicone sealant should be used is in the bathroom/worktops, there is no place for it on the outside of the caravan, in my opinion.

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