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Bailey94 has now gone to a new home, we had seven good years, so there will be no more updates. Should still be a reference if you are contemplating any jobs on your caravan.

We now have an Eriba Troll 540, heavier than the Bailey at 1300kgs, but it tows very well, very stable and that's with a noseweight of 52Kg!!


This site was created after we had help from others who have found..."Oh no, damp!"  And with their help and guidance tackled our "little" problem. We have done more jobs on the caravan since, (learning all the time) have a look to see what we have been up to...

To use the site; Use the Main Headings below, use the navigation bar at the side or go to the site map for a list. I think a picture tells most of the story, clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a larger picture in a new window.

                                                        "It's Easy When You Know How"


Damp Projects 
Damp Projects
Damp in a Locker, Damp Door and Delamination, Water Ingress Reports.

Sealing projects 
Re-Sealing Projects
Awning Rails Nearside and Offside removal/refitting, Side Rail, Fridge Vents, Bathroom Skylight, Status TV Aerial, Rear Grab Handles, Rear Window Rail, Window reseal, Lower rail, Front Window Rail.

Delamination of the sidewall
Delamination of the Sidewall
The wallboard on the offside front does not seem to be stuck to the polystyrene. This is a previous repair which seems to have failed, but not through damp.

Electrical 12v & Mains
Electrical:12v and Mains
Extra mains and aerial sockets, More mains sockets, Microwave mains supply socket, Battery top up, Battery maintenance. External side lights are dim.

Water projects
Upgrading the waste water pipes in the bathroom and kitchen, Whalemaster socket-servicing.

Replacing some gas pipes.

Internal Upgrades and Repairs
Internal Upgrades & Repairs
TV Shelf, Floor Delamination, Carpet and Vinyl, Curtains, Bathroom Makeover, Cooker Hood, Bed Fix, Window Stays, Keyring Holder, Kitchen Makeover.

External Upgrades and Repairs  
External Upgrades & Repairs
Stiff Door Hinges, Overrun Damper, Kitchen Heki Rooflight, Waste Pipes, Battery Locker Hinge, Breakaway Cable, Alko shock absorbers, Kojack lifting aid, Battery box frame and door, Bathroom Heki Rooflight, Extending and Fitting a Directional Aerial.

This is How We...
This is How We...
This is how we do things, like..load the caravan, hitching up.

Specifications & Annual Servicing
Caravan Specifications of Bailey 94 and Servicing Documents.

Our Setup
Our Setup


Fixed It ClubFixed It Club Members

Links to people who have fixed their caravans.

Also check out the link below to UK Campsite, for more help and advice.


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Use the navigation bar at the side to see what we've been up to, or go to the Site Map for a list

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