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Our Setup from 2010 to 2013

Car and caravan
Car and caravan ready for the off. The MTPLM of Bailey94 is 1155 Kg. The inside length is 5.04m and it is 6.5m including the hitch.

Caravan layout
 The layout of the caravan, basically a rear kitchen/bathroom, side dinette. It is a 4 berth, but we have removed the bunk over the dinette so it is now a three berth.

Looking forward
View of the front lounge. For sleeping it can be used as two singles 188x69 cms (6' 2"x 2' 3"), or a double 198x147 cms (6' 8"x 4' 10").

Looking rearwards
View to the rear. With a large window over the side dinette there is plenty of light, which makes it feel spacious.

Honda Civic
To tow Bailey94 we use a Honda Civic EX GT that weighs 1477Kg, giving a towing match of 78%.

Honda Civic 2
The 140 PS diesel engine pulls strongly with torque figures of 340 Nm at 2000 rpm.

Usual awning
We usually erect a porch awning when on site, that leaves the front nearside window clear for "viewing".

Awning-Ventura Cadet
The awning is a Venturer Cadet, one of the reasons for picking it was the quality and lack of guy lines to trip over.

Awning-with bikes
It is big enough to store the bicycles and all the other essentials inside.

Awning-full Isabella
We also have a full awning, an Isabella Ambassador mainly used when staying for the longer trips. It's over twice the size of the Cadet.

Staus aerial
For watching TV there is a Status aerial, only good in strong signal areas.

Directional aerial
And a directional Image aerial that attaches to the rails on the offside.

Satellite system
We also have a Satellite system. We have to be able to recieve formula 1 where ever we are!

Satellite attaching
It is on the top of an alloy pole that is attached to the rear grab handle by a clamp and an awing peg in the base. On this windy site guy lines were used to help keep it steady.

Cadac for cooking
We use a Cadac for most of the cooking, weather permitting, with a seperate gas bottle. It means it can go anywhere that's convienient.

Carrying bikes
When taking the bicycles away they are secured on top of the car.

All ready to go
Whole setup, ready to go. Happy days.


We have done quite a bit of work on Bailey94. And have looked at trading in for a new caravan, but when all said and done it fits our needs with a few minor niggles. So it was spend 14,000 on a new caravan or fix what we had.

That prompted the kitchen makeover and a toilet freshen up kit over the winter and a Mini Heki going in the bathroom .

Anyway with a new caravan, I would have nothing to do!

We are not TV addicts even though it looks that way! We just like to be able to watch formula1 if we are away and get the weather forcasts. If anything we take a blueray player and movies for the evening entertainment.

Before purchasing the tintop, we used to go camping.


Our setup before 2010


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