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Replacing Some Window Blinds

Whats to be done?  Replace three existing blinds, one on the nearside and two on the offside. It will cut down on the early morning light coming in below the blinds, also one of the window blinds has an unusable flyscreen and on another the blind periodically detaches itself from the pull.

I found that NRF blinds would be a good choice as they cover the whole window opening. They are the ones fitted to motorhomes and are readily available.

Windows on the offside
Both of the blinds are going to be replaced on the offside windows.

Windoe on the nearside
And the larger window blind on the nearside. Three in total.

Blackout blind  
The nearside blind keeps coming away from the bottom pull and one of the others the flyscreen  is broken.

NRF blind instructions
The instructions that came with the blinds. It took a couple of reads to get the drift.

Instruction diagrams  
The pictures to accompany the instructions.

Window curtains  
First job was to remove the curtains to gain access to all the fixings on the original blinds.

Removing the side screw  
The fitted blinds are Remis. To remove, taking out the screw fixing at the bottom of one of the sides.

Blind top fixings  
Then the top fixings of the blind 2 or 3 screws on each side and it comes away.

Test fitting new blind  
The new NRF blind top part and the side pieces put in place and held with a clamp.

Bottom detail  
The bottom can then be put in place. It stayed together so I could check the fit and squareness. The sides are too long...

Measuring excess depth  
...and using a ruler to check both sides to see how much of the sides will have to be shortened.

Using a bradall  
Happy with the position of the blind the top fixings can go into place. A bradawl is used to just puncture the wallboard.


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