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New Curtains

Curtains old1
Before, forward view.

Curtains new1
After, forward view.

Curtains old2
Before, rear view.

Curtains new2
After, rear view.

Curtains old3
Before, side view.

Cutains new3
After, side view.

Above the pictures of before and after changing the curtains, wanted to get rid of the pink and go to a burgundy colour.

Used the old curtains as a template for the new ones. The new material was actually bought as a pair of finished curtains and cut down and sewn to suit.

The pelmet over the front windows is all new and is 6mm ply padded out and covered in material which is stapled, it's attached with velcro in four places.

Costs: Curtains, TJ Hughes 90X90 inches 22. Popple tape (the plastic tape with fixings on used to hang the curtains) Barrons, can't remember the cost but it wasn't cheap (something like 1.60 per metre, needed 12m). Velcro was 50p per metre, from the local market.



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