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New Carpet and Vinyl

After completing the floor delamination and having taken the floor covering up which had seen better days, it seemed like a good idea to change the carpet.

Also to cover the kitchen floor area with a larger area of vinyl, which is more practical.

Old carpet1
Before, the carpet was changed, looking forward.

New carpet1
After, the carpet was changed, looking forward.

Old carpet2
Before, the carpet was changed, looking to the rear.

New carpet2
After, the carpet was changed, looking to the rear.

Used the old carpet as a template to cut the underlay and then used the underlay as a template to cut the carpet.

Floor carpet
A few staples, mostly at the edges were all that was needed to secure the carpet. See Note A below.

Floor carpet2a
Took the time to line up the small pattern in the carpet when looking forward.

Decided to make the vinyl area to the rear larger, defining the kitchen area and it is also easier to keep clean.

Took the vinyl underneath the swing out cupboard and under the shelves, looks neat.

The join between carpet and vinyl, took some time, but just finishes it off.



We are really pleased with the result .

The carpet I found as an off-cut and it cost 30 and it is even Scotchguarded.

The underlay was a roll end and that cost 10.

Note A The carpet was cut to the edges of cupboards, etc. But where I could, cut oversize, it was put under the sides of the seating areas, by unscrewing the seating from the floor. Then screwing back down to hold it in place.

The vinyl was twice as big as I needed, again an off-cut, cost 10, the pattern was chosen as it was small and light but would not show the dirt. There was that much left over I fitted it under the front seating area. I put underlay under the vinyl which was the thin type used under laminate flooring. I wanted to use something to help with the sound and heat loss, which it does, and does not feel cold under foot like the original, the underlay for this I had left over from fitting a laminate floor.

The edging strip between carpet and vinyl was purchased from Ikea (needed a piece 1metre in length, most shops have 90cm!) it's the type you screw a channel to the floor and just pop it into place, cost about 7.


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