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Mains Supply for the Microwave 

The intention when I was doing a kitchen makeover was to put in a 240 volt mains supply for the microwave. I had a bit of head scratching trying to decide the best way of doing it. Ideally I would have liked to have kept the cable inside and go around the back of the Toilet/Shower, I tried but the "mouse" got snagged on every attempt so  gave up that idea. So under the caravan it had to be.

The supply for the new socket would be taken from the side dinette.

Warning: Get your dealer/ electrician to do this if you are not happy working with mains electricity.

Using microwave with an extension socket
After the kitchen makeover. A supply for the microwave was needed as there was no 240 volt socket in the kitchen area. The extension cable used was not ideal.

Planned wire route
The plan is to take the feed from an existing socket in the side dinette, under the floor to the base of the microwave cabinet.

feed from existing socket
The existing socket in the side dinette. I put it there to provide somewhere to plug a laptop, mobile phone charger or a small lamp.

Where wire will go
After switching the mains off. Under the existing socket, the 240v supply (white wire). I drilled a pilot hole in the floor (marked with a blue wire) behind the wheel arch.

Where the supply will go to
Also a pilot hole through the floor (marked by the yellow/green wire) in the position where the socket back box will go.

Wiring this socket first
A hole just large enough for the 16 amp flexible cable drilled in the floor from below. The back box secured to the floor, wires stripped and tinned.

Completed socket
The socket all wired up. The microwave plug in place.

Cable through the floor
Where the cable goes through the floor it is cleated to the underside of the caravan. I followed the waste pipe and took the cable through...

Wire location
...a knockout in the chassis, following the chassis member down to the rear of the wheel.

Cable connencted to the socket
Same treatment to the end of the wire as before (stripped and tinned) and connected to the rear of the side dinette socket.

Using a mains tester
Switching on the mains and checked the dinette and the new socket for correct operation using a socket tester before...

Microwave in use
...plugging in the microwave. It is obviously safer not having an extension lead trailling across the floor.

A straight forward job once I decided what I was going to do. As most jobs, it's in the planning.

Note to self: I'm going to have to clean in those cupboards too! 


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