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Lower Rail - Reseal

When tackling the delamination of the front offside. There was some staining of the wood at floor level approximately mid way under the side window, when measured with a damp metre read 18% (either side of this is normal) it is above the norm (10-16%). The lower rail would have to come off to investigate.

 Damp metre reading  The damp metre reading, the rail is attached to the other side of this wood.


Front offside, the rail runs from the tyre to the awning rail at the front.


Front attachment
Screw to the front cover cap is removed.

Under the cap, the plastic insert will have to come off, the nail was removed next.

Rear fixing cap
The rear cover cap, next and the nail there too.

Screw covering
Levered the plastic insert to get it out.

Damp spot behind here
This is the position where the higher than normal damp meter reading was found. Nothing evident from the outside. Removed the screws.

Rail removal
Then the rail, used a scraper blade from under the rail (so not to damage the finish) and a scrap of wood to hold it away from the side of the caravan as I went along.

Good coverage
Rail removed. The strip mastic was in good condition, this may have been replaced in the past.

Closer view
Closer view. Explanation for damp reading; most probably water getting past the screw.

Now for the cleanup, used a plastic scraper to remove the bulk of the old mastic.

After cleaning
The bottom rail, besides providing an attachment for a draft skirt also connects the bottom aluminium piece to the sidewall.

Aluminium skirt
This shows it a little better. Used white spirit and rags to get the last of the old mastic off.

Applying the sealant
The rail cleaned off, strip sealant was applied, then screwed back in place. See [A] below;

Cover strip
Once screwed down, the cover can be slid into its groove with the aid of some Thetford Seal Lubricant and the brace for the stadies.

Securing the coverstrip
New stainless steel screws were used to secure the cover at the front and back.

Then the endcaps were screwed back into place.


[A] Also applied a bead of Seamseal to the space "above" the strip sealant as extra insurance. A cocktail stick dipped in white spirit then gently pushed/turned in the screw holes ensures when you put the screws in they do not "push" the mastic off the rail. 

I will put some Sikaflex 512 caravan under the endcaps and over the screws under the plastic cover, but, I will have to get some first!

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