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Kojack - lifting aid

Halfords had a deal on the Kojack hydraulic caravan scissor jack and levelling aid. I thought it would it would be a good investment for safe lifting of the caravan.

First thing to do, read the instructions.

Kit of parts
All the parts needed for fitting.

Pre drilled chassis  
On an Alko chassis (after 1992), these two pre-drilled holes are provided for fitting, just behind the wheel.

Attaching a bracket
After ensuring the caravan is level, the bracket, labelled "offside" is attached with bolts and nyloc nuts through the pre-drilled holes.

Using a torque wrench  
Keeping the bracket level, the nuts are torqued to 86Nm.

Bracket spirit level  
On the nearside the axle spirit level needed adjustment.

Making level  
Slackening the screws and adjusting cured it.

Trying out  
In use, feels safer than using a jack under the axle and being hydraulic its easy too.


In case of a puncture I carried a car scissor jack. Never had to use it "for real" but I did a trial lift and it was hard work.

The Kojack is very easy to use and much safer.

Cost: 40 from Halfords, on special offer.

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