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Kitchen Upgrade 1

We were looking into the possibility of a new caravan. The problem was that even in new caravans, there is always a compromise somewhere. Bailey94 suits are needs it is just a few things we would change. The soft furnishings could do with changing and the kitchen could be better. Spend thousands on a new caravan or change Bailey94?

So the winter project was born, change the four burner hob for a more powerful three burner. A sink with a bigger drainer. Ditch the oven (never used) for a microwave (even that only gets used for the first meal away) And give the kitchen area a smarter,lighter looking top.

There were a few head scratching moments along the way, no problem I've got all winter!

1st job, turn the gas off at the bottle, then we can begin.

The original kitchen
The original kitchen units. To the right is a swing out cupboard.

Starting with the sink
Getting started, removed the waste pipe connection to the sink. Took down the cassette blind at the rear.

Sink clips 
Sink held in place with clips, they are pulled towards the sink to release.

Sink earthing strip
The earth bonding strip is then removed. It was actually loose, no lock nut.

sink removed
The sink can then be lifted clear.

Hob top
Now for the hob.

Hob gas connection
The gas supply to the hob is by the grill.

Disconnecting the gas pipe
The supply was disconnected using a couple of adjustable spanners.

Hob securing clips 
The hob is held in place by these clips, simply removed with a screwdriver.

Hob cover
The hob cover next, it was secured by four screws.


Hob removed 
Hob lifted away. The original worktop is going  to be altered to fit the new units because I want to retain the front moulding.

Trial fit 
With the new units to hand. Placed in their approximate positions to work out any issues there may be and what has to be done to the worktop to accommodate them.

Sink issue 1
Firstly, the sink. There is a space at the front corner.

Sink issue 2
And at the rear. It will have to be filled with a wood strip.

Sink issue 3
The sink waste is sitting on the shelf (this sink is deeper than the original) The shelf can be cut back.

Underside of the new hob
Looking at the hob, flipped over, the gas supply comes to it at the front. The 12 volts for the ignition is at the rear.

Gas supply pipe
Closer view of the gas supply pipe.

Hob position
The new hob is actually bigger than the old one, that means a larger cut out will be needed.

Supply to the tap
Taps next. The jubilee clips are loosened then the water supply pipes removed.

Tap securing screws
Four screws under some covers are then taken out to remove the tap unit.

Hob side panel
While the screwdriver is my hand the side splashback by the hob is removed.

Grill plate
This grill compartment has to be taken out to gain access to the oven gas supply. Two slot headed screws either side have to come out.

Front screws
A screw at the front is next, but the metal shelf will not come out.

Screws at the back
Two screws at the back have to be removed, shown here with the aid of a mirror.

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