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Kitchen Sink- New Trap and Pipes

Wanted to do this for two reasons;

          1. Improve the flow rate from the sink, it was pathetic.

          2. To stop any smells from the waste container (especially in summer).

View inside of original
Original setup, a flexy pipe takes the sink water....

Waste exits
 down to the floor, where it exits under the caravan....

Outlet outside
terminating at an outlet at the rear of the caravan.

Waste to cut
The first thing to do is cut this white pipe....

Pipe cover
and prise the cover from the floor. The hole will need enlarging for the greater diameter pipe.

Now underneath
Underneath, used a piece of pipe to mark around.

Drilling holes
Then drilled a series of holes close together, through both layers, then cut out with a sharp blade.

Extra wood pieces
The wall to the left is thin ply, thin wood pieces were stuck to the side to add strength where the pipe clips will be screwed down.

Shows where the trap goes
Wood stuck down, shows where pipe holders will screw to. On the top of the trap is a small standpipe. 

New pipe exits
The pipe exits the floor, the bend is at the top to keep it off the floor where it would have interfered with the hot and cold supply pipes.

Overview, top
The flexible pipe from the sink was cut to fit in the small stadpipe on the top of the trap. The supply pipes and bonding cable are tie wrapped to the new pipework.

Overview, bottom
How it now looks going through the floor.


Under floor
Under the caravan, the outlet will be held with two pipe clips.

Pilot holes
Used the salvaged stainless steel screws from the original clips to secure the clips. Pilot hole drilled first....

Securing the pipe clips
...then screwed into place.

Cover Detail
Showing the end cap in place. Used galvanized wire chain to hold it captive, so when in use I don't loose it!

Drilling small hole
To attach the chain, drilled a small hole through the top of the end cap.

Chain through
Prised the end link apart and threaded it through....

Pliers to close
Closed the link with a pair of pliers. Looking above; attached the other end around the pipe so that it could not slip off.

In use
In use, works a treat, no more niffy smells!


In use 
First trip away, the sink drained really quickly, well worth the effort.

I have been meaning to do this since the bathroom had a makeover.

Costings: The pipe bits must have come to approximately 20, that covered all the pipework, the bathroom too. The galvanized wire B&Q 1.13 per metre.

Below; I would advise using silicone lubricant when putting the pieces together, as it makes it easy and also will stop the gasket from drying out.

  Silicone lubricant

If you would like to see how I prepared the pipe ends


Page Created 18th June 2008/Updated 15th October 2008