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Hob ignition- connecting the 12 Volts supply

As part of the kitchen makeover, the 12 volt supply for the hob ignition had to be connected.

The feed is from a chocolate block in the overhead locker over the kitchen. It feeds some lights and a fan.

The 12 volt feed to the hob will be via a 5 amp fuse.

Make sure the 12 volt system is turned off. I did an assurance check with a multimeter.

Supply wires for the hob
When I did the kitchen makeover, the feed wires for the ignition were left in the overhead locker.

The 12 volt feed
This chocolate connector in the locker is where the supply will come from. It supplies a light and fan.

Cable coduit 
The wires will be kept out of harms way by the use of conduit. It has tape on the bottom for sticking down.

Positioning of conduit
Checking the positioning of the conduit.

Position of the fuse holder
Then the position for the fuse holder.

12 volt feed wires
The 12 volt feed wires disconnected from a cable tidy.

Removing some staples
Some cable staples were removed to allow...

Checking the position of the conduit
...the conduit to fit to the edge.

Conduit cover 
Capping to fit over the conduit.

Cut notch for wires
The one to the side had to have a notch cut out for some wires.

12 volt feed 
The feed wire (red) connected to the fuse holder with push on connectors. Then the wires were screwed into the chocolate block.

Cable ties for tidiness 
Cable ties were used to keep everything tidy.

Checking the ignition
The 12 volts system switched on and the ignition switch checked...sorted.



The connectors for the fuse holder were soldered to make a good joint rather than rely on a mechanical one. It was a little awkward working in the cupboard, but we got there in the end.

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