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Hitching Up

After loading the caravan. The next thing is to hitch up to the car.

Alko hitch lock
There is always an Alko hitch lock attached when not towing.

Remove lock with a key
It is removed by unlocking.

Added security device  
This plastic "golf ball" security device is removed next.

Adding a shackle to the towbar
To the towbar, I attach a shackle for the breakaway cable to go through.

Use of brake cleaner  
After attaching the towball it is cleaned with brake cleaner.

Cleaning the towball  
Then a rub with a clean rag.

Clean the stabilizer pads  
The brake cleaner is also used on the friction pads on the hitch head and wiped with the rag.

Fitting a 13 pin adapter  
The car has a 13 pin plug fitted, I only use the 12N plug from the caravan, this 13 pin to 12N plug adapter is used to attach it.

Positioning the hitch head  
Wind the hitch head to clear the towball and lift the stabilizer and black lever. Reverse the car or pull the caravan to position the hitch head over the towball.

Wind the hitch head down  
Winding the jockey wheel down until the the black lever "clicks" onto the towball.

Green indicators  
With the Alko hitch head these green indicators show the towbar is securely attached.

Breakaway cable  
Breakaway cable next, I like to put it through a shackle, then clip it to itself.

Release the handbrake  
The 12N electrical plug next, push down the stabilizer handle and release the handbrake.

Wind the jockey wheel up  
Wind the jockey wheel up...

Store in towing position  
...and stow for travelling.

Overview, all hooked up.

Removing the wheel trim  
Now to the wheels, the peg puller is a good tool for removing the wheel trims.

Torque wrench  
The wheel nuts are tightened using a torque wrench.

Wheel inflation kit  
To check and inflate the tyres, an electronic gauge and a twin barrel footpump is used.

Inflating tyres  
In my case, the caravan tyres have to be 52 psi, the rear car tyres have to go from 33 to 38 psi.

Car mirror  
The towing mirrors just bolt down over the car mirrors, I use a convex (same as the car) on the drivers side...

Car mirrors  
...plain on the nearside, angled so that when turning left the caravan wheel is in view.

Checking the road lights  
The road lights are then checked for correct operation.

Ready to go  
Let's go!

The wheel nuts are checked with a torque wrench before each trip and the tyre pressures are checked/inflated on both the car and caravan, usually just before/after hitching up.

In the car goes all the other things needed for the holiday.


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