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Door Hinge

Door hinge
One of the four hinges.


This was the first job I carried out and I did not know I was going to do the website. The photo of the hinge was taken some time later.

Every time the door was opened, the whole side looked like it moved and I was told by a dealer if the hinges do go it is a more expensive job.

To get to the black hinges I was told to drill the rivets out, but thinking about it, just drilling the top ones out (of each door, top and bottom) would allow you to slide the door off to get to the hinge (the black plastic bit is what we are interested in) .

The hinges must swell/expand with age and no amount of oil/lubrication fixes it, so the solution is to drill the hinge out slightly to make it back to its original size. Not sure what size drill I used, just use the next size up after the one that will! And then you have to rivet the top (metal) part of the hinge back to the door frame.

I would like to do it again, but with more photos as it seems to be a common problem.

Since doing it, October 2006, I have never had a problem and I do not put any lubrication on them either.


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