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Bathroom Mini Heki

Why do this?  To make the bathroom lighter and brighter and to make the rooflight easier to use. A Mini Heki is much easier to open/close and use the flyscreen/blind.

Problem?  The existing rooflight is 360mm x 320mm, Mini Hekis are 400mm x 400mm.

Solution?  The roof opening will have to be enlarged to fit.

Mini Heki instructions
1st job is to read the instructions, well they are just pictures. Ceiling is 31mm thick, that means later on the lugs on the surround will have to be cut to 6mm and use the 25mm screws to secure.

Mini Heki box
Standard 400mm x 400mm with permanent ventilation (this is the correct one for a caravan).

On the roof  
This is the rooflight that is going to be replaced, it does not allow much light in and is quite hard to open.

Original rooflight inside
This is what it looks like inside the toilet compartment before work commences.

Removing the internal trim  
Flyscreen removed, the eight screws securing the internal trim are removed next.

Removing internal trim  
A tug and it comes away.

On the roof  
The work to remove the rooflight is now from above.

Removing the seal  
Score the mastic with a blade, being careful not to mark the roof finish. Concentrate on lifting one corner.

Hold one edge up  
Here using a screwdriver to stop the corner from re-sticking itself, allowing the mastic to be cut through.

Pulling rooflight up  
Then it comes away. The mastic is in good condition as it was resealed 42 months earlier.

Tools needed  
Now for the clean up. The tools/chemicals needed to remove the existing mastic.

Using a plastic scraper  
Using a plastic scraper to help remove the bulk of the mastic.

Most of the mastic removed  
Most of the mastic removed, be patient.

Using white spirit to clean  
The use of white spirit and paper towel to remove what's left.

Elbow grease required  
Any stubborn bits need a little more rubbing.

Marking out  
Referring to the instructions, masking tape is used to show where the roof will have to be cut back to. I am just going to extend the opening.

Punching before drilling  
Marking out, a pin punch is used to mark 6mm in from the corners.

Pilot hole drilling  
A pilot hole is then drilled in the 3 corners and checked inside where they appeared.

Larger drill  
Now a 12mm drill is used to drill down just over half way. Masking tape was used as a guide.

Drilling from below  
Then from below drilling up.

An electric jigsaw  
A jigsaw, the base covered with masking tape to protect the roof surface from scratching, is used to cut from corner to corner.

Excess material cut away  
This is the "L" shaped piece that was cut away - scarey!

Looking to the rear  
This is what it looks like looking to the rear.

Looking to the front  
And this is looking to the front.


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