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Replacing Roof light

There were a couple of reasons for changing the roof light, we wanted more natural light over the kitchen area and the original roof light was damaged. To buy a replacement cover was approximately half the cost of a new unit anyway.

There will be no cutting of the roof as the unit is a direct replacement. I was going to use Sikaflex 512 caravan as the sealant but could not get a tube in time before I wanted to do the job, so the trusty back up of strip sealant which I already had was used.

Rooflight overview
This is the skylight I'm going to change, it's over the kitchen. One at the rear is the bathroom.

The damage
It is damaged, with a hole and cracks.

Temp repair
Temporary repair using the infamous duct tape!

The cost was twice as much as just replacing the cover. It arrived the day after I ordered it.

Now the outside
First job, read the instructions, then remove 12 screws from the inside.

Inside trim remove
They release the bottom half of the roof light that sandwiches it to the roof.

Now the outside
Now for the outside, I was able to reach with a pair of step-ladders.

Breaking the seal
To remove the old unit the seal has to be broken with a sharp blade.

Prising up
Then, it was a matter of pulling up and using the blade, once one side was done,

The other sides came up easily

Sealant on roof
Roof light out, the mastic stayed stuck to the caravan top.

Old sealant
Used a scraper to carefully peel the old mastic from the roof.

Once started it was a case of pulling and using a plastic scraper to remove the mastic.

Years of grime
Mastic removed, years of grime to clean.

Cleaned up
Used white spirit, it had little effect, then used Meths, that worked a treat.

Marking spacers
Instructions called for these lugs to be cut. In my case to 8mm, marked with a pencil,

Cutting spacers
Then cut off to length with a junior hacksaw. Easy enough,12 to do!

Applying sealant
Used 32mm (Standard) mastic sealing strip for one edge,

More sealant
And 19mm (Narrow) mastic for the other three sides, making sure there was a good join at the corners.

Centre in opening
Make sure unit faces the right way, centre in the opening and press into place. (The opening faces the rear) 

Now the internal frame to sandwich the unit to the roof is offered up.

Starting the screws
I found it easier to put all the screws in slightly,

Securing the sandwich
Push the frame into place then, tighten all the screws until they bite.

Look at top
This is what it looks like on top.

Preparing the trim
Only thing left to do is put the retaining clips on the decorative trim piece.

Locate in slots and press into place.

The unit has a fly-screen and blind, which slide to any desired position.

Finished look from inside. Very pleased with the result, neat and plenty of light.

Finished look
Finished look, photo taken on a trip to Delamere, Camping and Caravan Club site.



The costings: Mini Heki 400 Roof light 67.95 (price @ 2007) from The Caravan Shop, Glasgow. W4 Mastic sealing strip already had but original cost 5.48 for 5 metres.

(The Caravan Shop, provided an excellent service, ordered one day it arrived 9.30 the next morning, worth looking at their site, the prices are good too.

Tools Needed: Cross-point Screwdriver, Sharp blade, Junior Hacksaw and Plastic Scraper. Also needed White Spirit/ Meths for clean up and degrease.

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