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Bought in 1999, we have had many holidays in our six berth frame tent.

Little trailer
Lunch before setting up, we were hungry, only had a small trailer for everything.

After setup
After setting up, took 90 mins to do the lot, no TV, who's for a game of Scrabble?

Short of nothing
How did we get it in that small trailer? Now where is that kitchen sink?

Bigger trailer
Bought a bigger trailer, 4 months before buying the caravan, doh!

Electric hookup
This was the electric hookup, the 12v car battery connnected to a strip lamp.


Many happy trips spent in our Sunncamp Chateau, six berth frame tent, over seven years, think I had my monies worth for 500. We always picked sites with good ablutions and it was nice to have a break from the TV for a week.


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