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Front Window Rail - Reseal

As part of the re-sealing of all the rails on the caravan, the front window hanging rail was next. The condition of the mastic was not known. So off it came to assess.

Overview front window
From the rail with the cream insert hang the three front windows. To take them out the window stays have to be removed.

Stay attached to the window
Instead of taking the screws out of the window, a better option is to take...

Removing the stay
...the screws out of the window surround.

Removing the window
The window can then be lifted up to remove.

Window profile
This is the profile at the top of the window and shows how it hangs from the rail.

All windows removed
All three windows removed. Now to tackle the rail.

Removing plastic clips
The rail is in three sections. In between the sections are plastic clips held with screws.

Clip detail
One of the end clips removed. Note it keeps the cream plastic insert in place.

Removing insert
 Plastic insert removed and saved for re-use.

Long stainless screws
Removing the stainless steel screws from the rail. They are quite long.

Removing the rail
Next removed the rails. I tend to work on one end prising and cutting with a blade.

Condition of the mastic
Rail removed, the condition of the mastic is good.

Rail cleanup
Now for the clean up. The rails are scraped with a flat bladed screwdriver, then finished off with a rag and white spirit. The caravan is treated in a similar way, but used a plastic scraper.

Cleaning window rubbers
I took the opportunity to clean the window rubbers with Auto Glym vinyl and rubber care. Left side, before. Right side, after.

Using mastic
The rails with 19mm W4 mastic Pressed onto the back. I left an overhang of approximately 8mm at the ends.

Cocktail stick in white spirit
To help to fit the screws through the mastic a cocktail stick dipped in white spirit is...

Making a hole
...pushed through the rail to create a small hole, this allows the screws to be fitted in the rail so that they protrude a little.

Screws protrude
This is so the rail can be alligned with the screwholes in the caravan. Meths was used before fitting to degrease.

Press down rail
Once alligned, press onto the caravan and tighten the screws.

Mastic detail
Leaving the mastic slightly longer, it will cover the screw hole for one of the plastic fixings between the rails.

Overlapping mastic
Next rail in place, the mastic overlaps between the pieces.

Pressing mastic down
This is then pushed down with a small screwdriver.

Inserting plastic insert
Once all the rails are on, the cream plastic insert can go back on, making sure the hole in the insert is in the middle between the rails.

Re-fitting rail fittings
The plastic pieces between the rails are then re-fitted.

Polished caravan front
At this stage, the bodywork around the windows was then polished, it is a lot easier without windows.

All done
Windows re-fitted, just a reversal of removing.



The condition of the mastic was quite good, but without taking the rails off it is hard to assess. Should be good for years now.

That is another rail re-sealed. As always the hardest part of the job is cleaning up!


Page Created 23rd April 2011