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Fixed it Club websites 

It's Easy When You Know How

 Wizard- 1990 Sprite Musketeer XL

Al Parker - 1985 Swift Corvette

Grub - 1984 Lunar Clubman 390

Paul & Wendy- 1980 Swift Corvette 

Ray & Ruth- 1997 ABI Marauder 520 ET 

 Barney- Ace Pioneer Jubilee

 Dug- Compass Echo

 Kirsty & Andie- 1986 Compass Rallye

 Caradad- 1994 Fleetwood Garland 148-4-EK

 Kev & Deb- Sprite Musketeer CI

 Kanno- 1990 Swift Challenger 470/SE

 Cosy- Swift Corniche

Papa Pip- 1979 Thomson T-Line Glen Nevis


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 Many thanks to Wizard, Al Parker and all the UK Campsite members for their help and encouraging comments:

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