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Extra Socket 

We wanted an extra mains electrical socket on the front chest for plugging the TV into and while I was at it fit an Aerial socket.

Plan of Action: Fit sockets to the rear of the chest, run cabling through the near side front seat locker to the consumer unit situated at the rear, aerial cable to go to the wardrobe.

Disconnected the mains power before starting.

Original TV shelf
This is where the TV was designed to go with power and a TV point (I previously recovered this shelf with new ply)

Front chest
We like to watch TV on the centre chest sometimes so that we can stretch out on the front seats (one each). 

Power for the TV
The power for the TV has to come from this socket, which is no good when the front bed has to be made!

The rear of the chest
Looking at the rear of the chest, there is enough space for the new mains socket to fit.

Removing the chest
To make life easier, removed the chest, held on by four screws.

Fitting electrical back box
Fitted the back box to the rear of the chest with 2 3/4inch screws, drilled small pilot holes first.

Cable to use
Used 1.5mm, 16 amp, flexible cable.

Stripped ends, made connections to socket. Note: cable tie to stop it being pulled out.

Aerial socket
Also fitted an aerial socket.

Screwed to chest
Placed next to the mains socket for easy access.

Holes for cables
Cables to be routed through the near side seat locker base, two holes were needed.

Cleat cables
Attached cables to the drawer frame at the rear with cable cleats.

Closer view
Keeping them out of the way of the double bed slats, which slide into their cubby hole at the back.

Under seat
In the seat locker, mains cable to follow others and the aerial cable around the other side to the wardrobe.

Cable run
Other cables on the floor going to...

12v charger and mains unit
the mains unit in the corner. Black box is the 12v charger.

Removing mains unit
At the mains unit, remove facia then remove four holding screws, which releases the unit.

Mains unit wiring
The new mains cable will be connected to the circuit breaker in the middle.

New wires
The cable connections made, the wire is clamped behind the circuit breakers, had to remove small screws that hold the circuit breakers to the case.

A problem!
I now found a problem, the drawer would not close! In my infinite wisdom thought there would be enough space at the rear for the wires.

Re-routing cables
Some head scratching- decided to take the wires through the side of the chest above the drawer back.

Cables on outside of chest
Cleated the wires to the side of the chest.

Wires hidden
When the cushions are back in place, they are hardly noticeable.

Mains outlet turned
Also found that when I put the chest back in place, a plug could not be placed in the socket, solution: turn the socket through 90 degrees.

Aerial cable under front seat
The aerial cable goes through the front seat to the wardrobe cupboard.

TV cables in the cupboard
Inside the cupboard, the top cable is the new addition, it can be plugged into the status aerial or the outside aerial (bottom cable is the outside aerial connected to the TV shelf).

TV shelf1
We now have the option to watch it here...

TV shelf2
Or here.

Up and running
The new mains and aerial sockets in use, I will make some small cables to tidy it up.



Toyed with the idea of putting the sockets on the front shelf, but decided against it as underneath is the gas locker and I did not want to go through it. The intention was to hide the cables as much as possible.

Kept the aerial cable away from the mains cables so there will not be a problem with interference. I used cable that is used with broadband, I believe it to be superior to normal co-ax. (But of course that could be used too).

Of course, I should have checked the clearance behind the draw before starting, but if you notice on any drawer at home there is always  a gap behind them so it just did not occur to me, luckily I managed to get around it, but I did not completely hide the wires from view.

Costings: Single mains socket and back box approx 4, 5 metres 16 amp 1.5mm flexible cable 55 pence per metre, both from Taskers. Aerial socket typically a 1 or two. The aerial cable I had already.

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