Bailey Pageant CD Loire

External Upgrades & Repairs

Overrun damper
Replacing the overrun damper and Hitch head

Replacing Rooflight
Replacing the Kitchen rooflight with a Mini Heki

Waste Pipes 
Upgrading the waste pipes from the bathroom and kitchen sink

Locker hinge
Broken Locker Hinge- Replacement

Breakaway cable
Breakaway cable runs close to the ground

Alko Shock Absorber
Fitting Alko Shock Absorbers

Kojack lifting aid
Fitting a Kojack lifting aid

Battery Box
Replacing the Battery Box frame and door

Door Hinges
Easing Door hinges which are stiff

Bathroom skylight
Replacing the Bathroom skylight with a larger Mini Heki

Directional aerial
Extending and fitting a Status 430 directional aerial



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