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Door Side-reseal

Overview of the door
This is the overview of the door, I have previously resealed the top, but the slightly high reading of 22 on the side of the door handle, called to reseal that too.

Removing old mastic
 Firstly, scrape away the old sealant, being careful not to damage the caravan finish. The sealant was hard and came away fairly easily.

Bead of mastic
Cleaned and degreased using white spirit and then meths. Then ran a bead of Seamseal down the edge.

Smoothing mastic
Seamseal is easy to finish off by using a wetted finger in water.

Finished result 
This is the result, I'm pleased with the finish. I think the secret is not to apply too big a bead, if you do not put enough on you can always apply more.



Used Seamseal, just had some in my toolbox and if, at a later stage I remove and reseal the whole door it should be easily removed.

Update: April 2011. The seamseal looks a little grubby now, a winter project this year, to re-seal the door? Using Sikaflex 512 Caravan.


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