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Damp in a Locker 1

After purchasing a damp meter, the Rapidtest DTM118 and taking some readings of our own. The area for concern was on the offside awning rail (see: Water Ingress Report 2006)  where the reading was high.

 After investigation, a small piece of wallboard and polystyrene was cut away inside the locker, a small piece of wallboard replaced in a locker would not be noticed! It soon became apparent there was a wet piece of wood and the readings were high right into the corner, the bathroom cabinet would have to come out so that it could be determined how far the damp went.

Dried the area, then trying to get into the corner to effect repairs was so frustrating, it was decided to take the locker out, as a previous repair could be seen I would be able to have less joins in the wallboard and it gave me access to the corner, to actually get near to the damaged wood.

 Overview of the locker

Overview of the locker,situated on

the offside above large window.

 Inside where damp found

View of corner inside the locker,

where damp reading is high.

 Cutting away wallboard

Removed wallboard and polystyrene

to get a better look.

 Damp area

Very damp patch 150 mm long,

but it goes over a wider area.

Need to look on the other side

 of the wall.

 Rail behind damp

Behind damp, nothing to see at

the awning rail.



 Damp meter 1

Removed bathroom cabinet to gain

access to do meter readings.

(See: Bathroom Cabinet Removal)


 Damp meter 2

A lttle further along, reading is




 Damp meter 3

A bit more reading drops to




 A better look

Removed wallboard and poly for a

better look, wood just damp. Area

dried with heat gun, and 1KW


 Restricted access

Access restricted decided to re-

move the locker.

(See: Locker Removal)

 Locker removed

After removal, joins of the previous

repair can be seen. Some wall-

board not stuck very well.

 Less joins

Blind and more wallboard removed,

Less joins- neater finish, thats the


 Decayed wood

Soft wood fell out, used a chisel

to carefully remove back to good


 Damaged trim

Wood removed to the roof, trim

damaged by previous repair, won't

be seen in cupboard.

 Preparing wood

Used a Forstner bit to remove

wood to make half lap joints.


 Prepared wood piece

Replacement wood 25mm thick,

it's deeper than the original but

that doesn't matter.

 Trial fit

Trial fit, note gap between wood

and ceiling, wallboard fits in this.


 Fixed in place

Glued and screwed into place.

Glue used Sikaflex 512 Caravan.



Overview of the area, there is a

void above the window, damp

could form in there.

 Void above window

Closer view, will have to insulate it

with polystyrene, glued into place.


 Fixing for blind

Small block glued into place and

stapled for fixing the blind.



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