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Damp Door and Delamination

To assess the extent of the floor delamination, the carpet has to come up;

Floor carpet
The carpet is held down by staples. Used a flat bladed screwdriver and pliers to remove.


Lifting carpet
Delamination goes to the fridge, on the right, so that is how much the carpet is taken up.

Area of delamination 
Estimating the size of the area to be fixed.

Seems to be approximately 1 square metre.


Floor join
Join in the floor moves 4mm.

Look what I found

Removing the cushion flooring, this is what was found.

Soft floor
Floor is not wet, but there is a soft area.

View to the left
Swinging kitchen unit out of the way, it goes 150mm from the doorway.

View to the right
But how far to the right?

Fridge out
Had to take out the fridge to look, 4 screws and it was out, note the flexible gas pipe.

Floor under fridge
Relieved to see it doesn't go far this way.

Better view
With the side panel to the fridge removed, the full extent of the patch can be seen.

Underfloor heating
A heat gun was used to put some heat into the area, from below and above, took a while.

Putting heat into floor
Heat from above,the area did not feel wet to the touch and damp meter readings were not high.

Floor treatment
Area treated with wood hardener, softest just inside the door.

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