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Cooker Hood, Filter replacement and noisy fan

Fan seemed pretty noisy, when switched on and the filter looked a little worse for wear. Wanted to clean and replace the filter.

When working on anything with power to it, switch off the supply first. (i.e. 12 volts, disconnect the battery terminals)

Overview, cooker hood has two switches, one for the fan and one for a light to the side.

Filter looks worse for wear!

Fan connects to ducting in the overhead cupboard...

Duct exit
Then exists on the near-side of the caravan.

Fan housing attached to cupboard by three screws.

Removing ducting
The top of the ducting can be pulled off to reveal the fan (I found out by knocking it off!)

Remove screws
Take 3 screws out to release the fan (Note the 2 screws  at the rear which attach to the hood below the shelf)

Hood attachment
Two more screws along the cupboard, remove to...

Under the hood
Release the hood, wires to switches. L/H- light, R/H-Fan ON/OFF, pull off, make a note of the positions.

Supply to hood
Supply wires going to the hood and back to the fan.

Cutting supply
Snipped the wires, to remove the fan.

Old filter
The filter is held in place by two wires

Removing filter
Removing the old filter...

Broke into pieces. Obviously cannot be cleaned up and used again.

Cleaned the hood, made a new filter with aquarium filter wool, held in place by rods.

Proper stuff 
Then found this in Aldi, the proper material.

Cut a piece to size and installed.

Re-attach fan
After cleaning the fan, tested by connecting to a car battery, re-installed with washers under the screws.

Re-attatch ducting
Pushed vent tube back on top of the fan.

Terminal strip
To re-connect to the supply used a terminal strip.

Preparing wires
Supply and earth wires prepared for connection.

Connect wires
Screwed into terminal strip.

Cable tie
Cable tie keeps things tidy.

Re-connect wires
Re-connect wires to the switches, switch on supply and check it works. Switch off...

Attach hood
Then re-attach hood with 4 screws

All back together again. Check again, good to go.



The fan did seem to run quieter, but it is still loud, at least its usable and its got to be more healthy.

Costings: Cooker hood filter, 2.79 from Aldi (should last 100 years, the amount in there!!)


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