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Two Wastes into One, does go...

The idea came to me to just have one outlet to the side, I had originally discounted it as the chassis was in the way!

But, if a pipe would fit through the chassis cut-out, there may be a way.

Rear outlet
The rear (kitchen sink) outlet in use.

Side waste
 The side (bathroom sink and shower) outlet in use.

Chassis opening
The plan; to connect the rear outlet to the side (with a length of pipe through the 2nd cut out in the chassis)

New 90 degree bend
The rear, outlet removed, pipe inserted,it heads over to the off-side. (Had to move the heating pipe temporary out of the way)

Through chassis
I put a couple of spacers, to give a fall and to make sure the pipe goes through the chassis cut out in the centre.

Angled fitting
Trying to show the angled fitting (67.5 degrees) which connects the pipe coming through the chassis, connecting to the side piece.

Altered pipework
Another view, wanted to ensure there was a fall in all pipework towards the outlet.

In use
In use, works well and there is only one waste container to empty.

Up close
A closer view. Now how do I connect it to a full service pitch?

After fitting we went to Highlands End, Dorset, where the system was used for the first time.

A good upgrade, pleased it works well, no more waiting for the water to go down the plug holes!

Just have to make sure the kitchen and bathroom sink traps are flushed with fresh water, before leaving site.

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