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Gas Pipes

When the caravan was serviced in September 2006, one of the concerns the dealer pointed out to me was the loss of pressure on the gas pressure check. The suspect areas were the old flexible gas pipes, there were two. One to the cooker and one to the fridge.

Gas old1
Before, this is were the cooker is attached to the main line,under the oven.

Gas pipenew1
After, new rigid connection.

Gas old2
Before, this shows the flexible pipe going up to the cooker, the rigid pipe goes to the oven.

Gas pipenew2
After, how it looks now.

Gas old3
Before, the Fridge is connected here,which is behind the fire.

Gas pienew3
After, new connection to the fridge.

Gas vent
The connection to the fridge was achieved by removing the vent on the outside to give access. Saved me a job, I was going to re-seal that!




The caravan was booked in to have the job done by the dealer (Barrons, Cheshire) as this is NOT a DIY job as you have to be Corgi registered to do any work on the gas. The bank balance 130 lighter the van is now safe on the gas side.

I have since found out that you can do work on the gas system, but it MUST be checked over by a gas safe registered person. They basically do a gas pressure check to make sure there are no leaks anywhere.

When I replaced my kitchen I had a mobile engineer check it.


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