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Bed Fix

On a trip away, made up the front double bed, stood on the edge to get into bed and there was a loud cracking sound, which was the the plywood breaking, good job my wife slept on that side!

Bed board
This is the damage, ply has broken and split the front trim.

Original trim
This was the original trim which I replaced previously with a similar hardwood.

Attachment to slats
Underneath, the bed slats are attached with webbing that is stapled into place.

Removing stapes
First job to remove the staples, prising them up with a screwdriver.

Removing staples2
Then pulling out with a pair of pliers.

Flipped over, this shows an extra piece of wood to give it strength, it also helps to attach the front trim, this parted company too.

New ply
Made up a new board with 13mm ply cut to size, new strengthening piece glued and screwed underneath, trim glued and nailed then varnished.

Webbing marked
Marked the webbing before removing so that I knew where attach to the new board.

New strengthening
Reverse side of board, positioned centrally so that I could work out where to re-attach the webbing.

Attaching webbing
Once done used a hand stapler to attach.(Note: the new wood piece, glued and screwed to the ply... now break!)

Mant staples
Plenty of staples used, just like the original.

Checking operation
Finished, made sure everything worked as it should.

Side detail
And this is how it looks stowed away

All done, no fear of sleepless nights!



Costings: Piece of plywood 13mm cut to size from B&Q, 7.98  Trim 4.50 from local DIY shop.



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