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Battery Maintenance

We were not going to use the caravan for some time over the winter. It seemed like a good time to make sure the battery was in good order.

For charging/ maintaining my battery, I use a CTEK charger. It has the advantage it can be left connected for months if needed.

Battery box
First get the battery from the battery box.

Inside battery box 
If the mains is connected, switch off and remove.

Remove -ve side
Good practice is to remove the -ve terminal (blue) first.

Remove +ve side
Then the +ve terminal (red).

Securing strap
Remove the securing strap next.

Remove battery
The battery can now slide out of the compartment.

Checking the voltage
On the bench, checking to to see the state of the charge. 12.42 volts is 75% charged, it has been on the caravan charger. To get a more accurate level of charge leave the battery for 24 hours before testing.

Checking the electrolyte level 
If not sealed, the caps are removed to see the level of the electrolyte. It's low. It should cover the plates.


Topping up
To top up, de-ionised water is used. Just cover the plates.

Charger connected 
Charger is connected to the terminals and switched on.

Charger set up 
This charger is set by pressing the mode button, so that the car symbol is highlighted.

Fully charged
After a period, anything upto 13 hours, the top light shows the battery is fully charged. This charger says it can be left connected for months.

Flat battery
After some months I noticed the charger indicated the battery charging all the time. Battery left disconnected and measured, now that's a bit low. The battery is unserviceable.

Newer battery
It's a good job a neighbour gave me one that was going spare, thanks Rick. And it is an upgrade to a 110 amphour.


Below the table gives  an idea of how much charge is left in a battery:-

 % Charge  Voltage  
 100  12.70
 75  12.40
 50  12.20
 25  12.00
 0  11.80


In all fairness I had noticed the lead plates on the "old" battery were not in a good state, so it must have been on it's last legs.  I do not know the age of it as the previous owners of Bailey94 purchased it. I used it for approximately 4 1/2 years.


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