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Battery top up

Please note: It is good practice to remove the -ve (or earth) terminal first then the +ve terminal (red), then when re-fitting, connect the +ve (red) then the -ve (blue)

Battery location
Battery locker is located on the near side. The electrolyte level is difficult to see on the side of the battery.

Battery locker
The battery is held in place with a strap, it is a tight fit in there, 85 amp hour capacity. looks fairly new.

The terminals have these lever connections, simply push up to release, then undid the holding strap.

Out of caravan
Once on the floor, unscrew the vent plugs to each cell.


Electrolyte levels
Cells needed topping up, the electrolyte only just covered some of them.

Topping up
Using de-ionised water to fill to the correct level, re-fitted the vent plugs and gave the top of the battery a wipe, before replacing in the locker.

As mentioned above the level of the electrolyte on the side of the battery is hard to see, so I took it out of the locker to look at it properly. The battery is approximately 2 years old (December 2007) and I have been meaning to do this all year.


Electrolyte level ok
After a couple of weeks I took the battery out again and took the vent plugs out to check the electrolyte with a tester I have.

Electrolyte condition

This is the tester,it measures the density of the electrolyte, hence the state of charge. 

The Results:

 Cell Readings obtained
 1-    1.25
 2-    1.14
 3-    1.20
 4-    1.23
 5-    1.18
 6-    1.25

What the Electrolyte Density values mean:

 1.28 - battery fully charged
 1.21 - battery half charged
 1.14 - battery discharged


The battery was topped up a couple of weeks ago, then put on the EHU so that the onboard 12volt charger would charge it.

The readings show that a couple of the cells (2 & 5) are discharged, while the others are half charged. The expectation is they would all read approximately the same.

There may be a problem, will have to monitor it.

Update; 9th May 2009.  Everytime I went to work on the caravan, the first thing I would do is take a voltmeter reading of the battery before connecting the mains. This tells me the state of charge and is a good indicator of the condition of the battery and of course if it suddenly drops, the battery is on the way out.

Update; 12th January 2010. Not been doing anything on the caravan, it has been too cold. So last weekend took the battery out of the caravan to put it on charge.

Update; End of 2010. Took the battery out as a neighbour gave me a 110 amphour battery, he did not need (thanks Rick) it was then put on a smart charger (CTEK) and after a while, 2 months, it stopped holding its charge. So it must have been on its way out. In all the battery lasted  approximately 5 years (it was purchased by the previous owners).


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