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Battery Box- Frame and Door Replacement 1

On a recent trip to Oswestry Camping & Caravanning Club site we lost the battery box door- it must have come open and the wind ripped it off.

I  sourced a new replacement frame and door from a local caravan company. It is an updated model door (I have seen the same on new caravans) as the older door is harder to come by and I did not want to wait!

Original box
This is how the battery box used to look!

No door!
Arriving on site, this is what it looked like. No, it did not spoil the break.

Cover up  
An Ikea bag and some duct tape kept the water off.

Secured wires for travelling
For travelling home, removed the battery to the car, then secured the wires. There's that duct tape again.

Remove screws  
Now to business. Remove 16 securing screws.

Removing silicone  
This bead of silicone sealant was next.

Removing the frame  
Pulling the bottom- it came out with not too much effort.

State of mastic  
The state of the mastic. Not bad, dried out slightly but there.

Clean up  
Removed the old mastic off with a plastic scraper, then used white spirit and a rag to clean.

Trial fit  
Trial fit. this is a newer version door and frame. It was a tight fit, but it will not go flush because of the lower skirt rail.

A snag!  
Both sides are like this. I decided to reduce the length of the skirting rails to get the clearance.

End cap removal  
Took the end caps off. They are held by a stainless steel screw.

Another trial fit  
Trial fit. Box is now flush, marked where the edge of the box came to, compared with end cap. Approximately 6mm will have to be removed from the rails.

Reflector removal  
That means the end cap will move too, snagging on the reflector. It will have to be removed and moved up a little.

Next the insert  
After removing the end cap, the plastic insert is next, it just slides out.

Bottom rail removal  
Remove 2 screws and the rail can be pulled off.

State of old mastic  
Showing the location of the mastic on the rail and caravan.

All cleaned up  
After more use of the spatula and white spirt.


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