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Bathroom Skylight

The bathroom skylight had to be re-sealed after looking at the water ingress report for Jan 2008, the reading was slightly above normal.

Overview, bathroom skylight has the white lid.

Open skylight
Top elevated.

Removing trim  
Working inside- remove the screws holding  the finishing trim.

Trim removed 
The internal trim removed.

Some water   
Dropping the trim, there was a little water on it, on one side, this must account for the higher damp meter reading.

Noticed the side of the skylight, must be okay the trim came off it.

Breaking the seal1  
Working on top, ran a sharp blade under the skylight to break the seal.

Breaking the seal2  
Being very careful not to damage the roof, I took my time.

Lifting the side  
Worked on getting a corner started.

Once started  
Once it starts to go, it becomes easier.

Almost off  
Almost removed.

Mastic condition  
The old mastic was mainly on the roof.

Plastic scraper  
Just a matter of using a plastic scraper to remove the old mastic.

Use white spirit  
After that, used white spirit (makes it soft) to clean the last bits off.

Then methylated spirits to finish cleaning and de-grease.

All clean  
All clean.

From inside, slight wood stain on one side, but the wood is sound.

Clened rooflight  
The skylight cleaned with white spirit/meths and ready for the next step.

Seamseal bead  
Ran a bead of Seamseal in the channel running around the base.

Strip sealant  
Next applied 19mm mastic strip, using outer edge as a guide, now ready to offer up. 

Centre rooflight  
Centred in the opening, then pulled firmly down.

Replacing trim  
Replace the inside trim.

Top view  
Looking at the front,the finished result.

Extra sealant  
While I was up there, ran a bead of Seamseal on the front spoiler to the kitchen skylight.

Putting Seamseal then mastic on the skylight was just a belt and braces approach. I would have liked to replace the skylight with another Heki, but they do not do them smaller than 400mm x 400mm.


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