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Bathroom Makeover

The bathroom cabinet had to be removed. When I went looking to see how far some damp had penetrated at the awning rail.

The wallpanels looked dated and for some reason the bathroom had no sealant anywhere, so it was decided to give it a makeover.

original bathroom1
Before, this is how the bathroom looked.

original bathroom2
Before, toilet to the rear.

Cabinet removed
Vanity unit removed to gain access to the damp patch.

Damaged area
Area were the damp had to be repaired.

Original pattern
Wallboard pattern is a little dated!!

Original pattern2
The rear wallboard is the same as in the rest of the caravan, and will be left as it is.

vent removal
To make papering and sanding easier, removed the warm air inlet (left) and a vent cover (right). The inlet had to be unscrewed in a cupboard behind this wall.

Shower attachment
Taking off the shower head holder, the captive metal plugs had corroded and the screws could not be removed, so it left a hole when I had to pull it off the wall!

Drilling out
To provide a better fixing for the shower head, a piece of wood will be bonded in the wall, first drill out with a Forstner bit.

Slot for wood
Then being careful, cleaned out using a chisel, down to the outside aluminium.

Wood trial fit
Trial fit of the piece of wood. I used a scrap which just happened to be the right depth, 25mm.

PVA to glue
The wood is bonded into place, I used neat PVA.

Sanded down
The whole area was sanded down using aluminium oxide paper, to take the shine off the surface. Two coats of diluted PVA were then applied and allowed to dry between coats.

The first piece of paper was stuck on with diluted PVA, I found it a pain.

Plan B, waterproof wallpaper paste, worked better.

Toilet nearside
The wallpaper used was for a bathroom, it was chosen because it had a small pattern and is light in colour. This makes it much brighter in there.

Toilet offside
To make sure it will be waterproof, 2 coats of polyurethane satin varnish were applied. The vanity unit was then refitted.

Showerhead re-attach
Before papering a note of the position of the shower head holder was made. It was easy to know where to fix it back into place with 2 screws. 

Trim Detail
Had a problem with the paper around the door being caught as you go in or out ,the solution was this 19mm PVC trim.

Door Trim
Cut to length for the sides, I used double sided tape to keep it in place, simple but effective.

Now for the bathroom sealant. Where I could I used masking tape so that when you smooth it out with your finger you get a clean line.

Bathroom sealant
Smoothed out and ready to remove the tape. Take it off before it dries.

Finished look
This is what it looks like when completed.

Finished look2
Another view, I have not shown doing the vanity unit, but it has been done!

Shower tray
It is amazing all the places that sealant had to be applied.

Vents refitted
When dry the warm air inlet and fresh air vent where refitted.

Shower curtain
A new shower curtain was hung.

Shower curtain close
Shower curtain is a good match to the pattern on the wall.

Last touch
Last thing to do, hang the curtain which had been made previously.



Looks a lot better in there now, brighter, a much more pleasant place to be! I would not mind, we can not use the shower as the convoluted outlet pipe under the caravan has perished and just broke into pieces, so it leaks, not even duct tape can cure it!! Guess what my next job is?

Upgrading of the waste pipes.

The Costings: Wallpaper, Wilkinsons 10. PVC 19mm "U" section trim from B&Q, 2.62 for a 2 metres, 2 of. Kitchen & bathroom sealant typically 5 - 10 a tube. Shower curtain, Morrisons  5.99. The aluminium oxide paper, PVA glue and Satin varnish I already had from doing previous jobs.

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