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Awning Rail- Nearside 1

I meant to re-seal this rail last year (2009), but did not get around to doing it. The 2010 Water Ingress Report shows a higher than normal reading above the door and kitchen window on the nearside.

First job is to find the extent of damp and if there is any damage.

Damp meter
Out came the damp metre, first thing to check was the battery, in the red means it's okay.

Quick test
Switch to reading mode, quick check- I'm "normal"!!

Starting point 
Above the kitchen window is this locker, I will start here.

Testing rear corner
Pushing the prongs into the wallboard (where you will not see a mark) reading normal.

Opposite corner
The opposite corner, towards the door, normal.

Middle of cupboard
Middle of the cupboard- that's high. Over the door was normal. The wallboard is dry and solid, suspect some water has got past a screw on the awning rail. We have caught it early.

Remove plastic insert
Need to take the rail off. A screwdriver helps to lift the end of the plastic insert from the rail.

Comes away easily
Once started it just pulls out. The plastic insert will be replaced with new.

Examining the screw heads
The screws can now be examined, lots of rusty heads. I will replace them with stainless steel ones when re-fitting.

Extra hole in the rail
Looks like the rail has been off before, there are extra holes in the rail.

Removing the screws
Taking out all the screws, note the mastic on the screw threads (that's good)

Sheared screw head
Removing this screw the head sheared off. This was not where the damp is but further along the rail.

Rail comes away
As the screws were removed the rail came away from the caravan side by itself.

Mastic okay here
At the rear there was more mastic, in good condition (must have been resealed in the not to distant past)

Mastic has dried 
But at the top towards the front it was different. The awning rail is in two halves and this front part looks quite dried out.

Mastic dry here too
Condition of the old sealant down the front corner.

More dry mastic
And at the top, all seemed to be pretty dry.

Drying out
Set to work drying the area. kept it going for hours. The next day, testing the area gave a "normal" reading on the damp metre.

The damp area has been caught early, so there was no damage. After drying and testing I could turn to resealing the rail.

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