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Awning Rail- Removal

The awning rail on this caravan is in two halves, because of the damp ingress, itís the rear half that will have to be sealed first, after the damp has been seen to.

Length of awning rail is 8.5m, thankfully it comes off in two halves, the join is above the large window.

Join in awning
Does not look very neat as the black plastic pieces do not meet, will have to try and rectify that.

Damp area 
Behind this section is the damp, nothing apparent from the outside.

Plastic insert
Plastic trim has to come out first, start with a screwdriver it just pulls out.

Screws rusty
All the screws have rusty heads.

Extra holes
Extra holes in the rail, must have been sealed before, holes without screws have sealant in them.

Rusty screws
Condition of the screws, some had rusty shanks.

Removing rail
Working by myself, started at the join in the middle, just came away, took no effort.

Came away easily
Once started it came away easily.

Sealant coverage
Condition of the old sealant,the rusty bit in the centre is a nail which is used to tack the roof to the side before sealing.

Damp patch behind
Damp patch behind here, water went past the screw.

Scraping old sealant
Get as much off with a scraper then use white spirit to soften, keep doing it, until clean.

Nailing roof
All sealant removed, using a stainless steel nail to pin the roof to the side, the damp repair is behind here.

Rail backside
Backside of the awning rail, this side goes against the van, note the screw hole in the top channel.

Rail profile 
Profile of the rail, top is to the right.


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